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Indian Natural Stones Walls

All about Stone Wall Cladding

Wall Cladding is becoming an increasingly popular architectural feature on the exterior of most building structures. There is no really pattern or structure to this construction style however a good wall cladding job is a sight to behold! The benefits of wall cladding are that it prevents the permeation of water and is an excellent wind barrier, among other protection purposes. Contractors will introduce you to various types of construction materials for wall cladding but if you want the best job at the most reasonable price, put your faith in stone wall cladding. If you are absolutely clueless as to the nature of stone wall cladding, think about carved limestone or sandstone that is used to decorate the outer parts of a building. This carved style opens the opportunity for home designers and masons to get creative with the stone construction material and create breathtaking designs.

Stone wall cladding is very attractive because of its flexibility. We provide the latest granite and marble tiles to add a touch of structural variety to your building.

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Redesign your Bathrooms with Natural Indian Stones

Changing the look and feel of your bathroom is made easier with natural Indian stones tiling solutions. You can achieve the class, elegance and the comforting touch for that very special room in your home and office.

One of the major setbacks with other tiling options is the high cost and low quality. Push ceramics and porcelain aside! Natural Indian stones can transform your bathroom and have it looking like a room in the Queen’s Palace. Most indian construction stones are compatible with wooden or steel bathroom fixtures so there is no doubt that these construction implements are the most reliable. Bathrooms are also common places in your home therefore you want to ensure that the appearance is always pleasing to the eye. Natural Indian Stones are durable and possess an undying gleam compelling house guests to over stay their visit in the toilet haven.

Bathroom Walls

Consider granite tiles for your bathroom walls to get that really dramatic presence. The beauty of granite is that it is used on bathroom walls to create breathtaking designs and patters from an array of granite tile types. Think of your bathroom walls as a huge canvas; adorn it with this top quality Indian stone tile. Regardless of the size or texture, granite on bathroom walls will always maintain an aesthetic appeal and a modern look.

Bathroom Floor

Undoubtedly after decorating your bathroom floor with fabulous granite, it would be a shame to use any other flooring tiles except for Limestone,slate, quartzite. Limestone,quartzite, slate tiles are great for bathroom floor to maintain the elegance offered by the granite walls. This flooring solution is not as popular in Europe but we can guarantee that Limestone tiles are sturdy enough to withstand the harsh wears and tears common to the bathroom. After all we are all aware of the possible mishaps in the bathroom therefore getting a floor tile that will endure all the possible staining and smears is absolutely a good buy!

Bathroom Countertops

This platform holding your bathroom sink is beautifully decorated with mosaic designs. The flexibility of this decor option is that it allows you to play around with your favourite Indian construction stones to create a suitable design complimenting your bathroom fixtures.

Ensure that you are investing in the best bathroom construction implements when you choose to re-model or re- decorate your bathroom. For a modern and trendy look we highly recommend Natural Indian stones.

We stock the widest array of granite, quartzite, sandstone, marble and limestone tiles and finishes ideal for bathroom decorations. In addition we can provide sound advice and guidance for homeowners and office managers who plan to do the re- modelling on their own. Trust us to transform your bathroom with premium construction stones at the most affordable prices on the market.