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Marble stone has a typical characteristics of interlocking of carbonate crystals which offers it a brilliant sheen. Pure whiteIndian marble stone is formed due to metamorphosis of limestone or dolomite protolith. The colors, the swirls and the veins of the Marble stone could be attributed to the mineral impurities present within.

Types of Marble Flooring There are vast varieties of marble stones available in market now-a-days, so here's a small listing of expressions common with:

  1. Veining: Tiny lines of colour what provides this natural stone its exclusive gaze. In reality this veining impinges on is over and over again said to be "marbleized" when unfolding other products.
  2. Gloss: An extremely polished edition of the marble stone that gives it reflective and glossy look.
  3. Tumbled: A procedure that distresses and olds the stone so that it comes into view as dull. This supple look forms a milky, velvety colour, making it appear smooth rather than shiny.
  4. Honed: A non glossy variety that has a smooth, lustreless, or satin finish. It makes a natural affect that turn into well-liked due to its non formal demand. Plus, it lessens danger of engraving.
  5. Etching: With day by day foot traffic, the flooring may vaguely wear by gradually eradicating its primary polish.

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Marble is the most elegant stones in its own right. The word ‘marble’ triggers awe and demands respect for its of the big wonders of world ‘Taj Mahal’ that was constructed in pure marble has kept the world under its spell for many epochs now.


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