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Natural Stones are fundamental building accessories hence getting the most appropriate building stones for construction of homes, offices and commercial areas is the primary responsibility of all contractors. Indian natural stones are perfect for decorating both the inside and outside of a building with lavish designs.

We stand resolute in our mission of providing quality Marble, Sandstone and Granite to our valued customers since only the best natural building stones will stand the rigours of storms, earthquakes and other natural or manmade dilemmas. It is imperative that the high demands of international clients are met therefore we continue to be the chief Indian stone company in the commercial industry.

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We stock the latest granite stones that make the best models of counter tops and building fixtures. These natural Indian stones are guaranteed investment due to their durability and strength. Granite stones are said to be deceiving to the touch since there silky smooth feel is not a measure of their robustness.


Marble which is classified as a metamorphic rock elicit a pride in homeowners who have invested in this natural building accessory. They are excellent polish reservoirs therefore counter tops, bathroom fixtures and appliances will not look shabby even after a year of purchase.


Undoubtedly, Sandstone is the natural Indian stone of the century! This sedimentary rock is great for giving your place that lovely antique look. We stock various types of sandstones that are ideal for paving, tiling or even creating a remarkable cultural design.


Natural Indian Slate Stones for Your Home If you are thinking about refurbishing your home, then you should definitely add slate stones to the list of construction stones that will be employed to garnish the intimate interior of your household. Fall in love with the soft foliated metamorphic rock as you watch how it gently slices in your hand and forms the most sturdy and tightly cemented household ornaments.


Quartzite stones are known for their firm exterior derived from the sandstone family. This metamorphic rock is great for stone building construction. There are a few rare types that possess a green hue. The mineral composition of this lovely natural Indian stone accounts for its hard casing and durability.


Limestone is an unusual member of the sedimentary rock family. This natural stone permits the free flow of water. Similar to most sedimentary rocks, fine grains are embedded in the outer casing of a limestone rock. These grains are actually calcium carbonate crystals. The beautiful crystals engraved in the stone sharpen its beauty.