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The trademark of this business is undoubtedly the superb customer service. The staff is guided by the precise demands of the customers. Whether you are a lover of granite tiles, marble fixtures or simply searching for ideal indian natural stones to beautify your home, you will be elucidated to our wide array of natural building stones and construction stones implements. It is no doubt why this company can proudly boast its worldwide status as the leading Indian stone exporters. Be amazed by the beauties of nature!

Indian Granite stones

The volcanic igneous rock tiles kitchen marvelously. Granite stones possess an astounding shade which amplifies the elegance of any room. The fined grained Indian natural stone comes in various colours and textures. We stock the latest granite stones that make the best models of counter tops and building fixtures. These natural Indian stones are guaranteed investment due to their durability and strength. Granite stones are said to be deceiving to the touch since there silky smooth feel is not a measure of their robustness. Therefore it is inevitable that Granite stones are one of the highly desired natural Indian stones currently on the market.

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Indian Marble stones

This natural Indian stone excavated from the deep southern areas of India are another worthwhile purchase. Their architectural brilliance maintains the freshness of any building, monument or furniture. Marble stone which is classified as a metamorphic rock elicit a pride in homeowners who have invested in this natural building accessory. They are excellent polish reservoirs therefore counter tops, bathroom tiles fixtures and appliances will not look shabby even after a year of purchase. Give your home the shining elegance that it deserves by furnishing the interior with beautiful marble tiles. The natural Indian stone is also a symbol of Indian culture and history.

Indian Sandstone

Undoubtedly, Sandstone is the natural Indian stone of the century! This sedimentary rock is great for giving your place that lovely antique look. We stock various types of sandstones that are ideal for paving, tiling or even creating a remarkable cultural design. This natural Indian stone relic ignites a wistful feeling in shoppers since it exerts a nature- like atmosphere in the household. The warmth of sandstone tiling makes it feel as if you are at one with nature. As proud exporters of natural building stones we guarantee customer satisfaction. Enjoy our garden of stones that are suitable for any occasion. There are no limits to the beauties and wonders of nature and we have recognized this undisputed fact!

The Resilience of Quartzite Stones

Indian stone manufacturers will agree that Quartzite stones are quite popular internationally due to their suitability for constructing stepping steps, slabs and flooring. This natural Indian stone dominates its territory and can withstand the overgrowth of protruding plants and greenery. Quartzite tiles are not easily uprooted. They maintain their position and appearance for centuries. The sharp shape of these building stones facilitates steadfast resistance to elements of destruction. If you are in the trucking business or plan to construct a railway, Quartzite stones are ideal for these purposes. We offer the best quality of these natural Indian stone types at competitive prices. You cannot afford to miss out on this money saving opportunity that will make your building creations last longer.

Indian Slate Stones

Slate stones comes from the shale group of rocks and is made up of smooth clay. Some types of this construction stone are made from ashes. It is a very valuable construction implement since it is used to make some of the most prized bed and dining room fixtures. Slate stones are lavish decorations for your home after they have been quarried and properly polished by the appropriate Indian stone manufacturers.

Indian Limestone

Limestone is an unusual member of the sedimentary rock family. This natural stone permits the free flow of water. Similar to most sedimentary rocks, fine grains are embedded in the outer casing of a limestone rock. These grains are actually calcium carbonate crystals. The beautiful crystals engraved in the stone sharpen its beauty. Limestone found in coastal areas of India, are comprised of the protein-rich remains of sea animals and plants. Furniture made from limestone therefore exhibits a marine sensation in the homes of those who choose to experiment with this natural Indian earthly artifact for architectural purposes.

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Our well-defined infrastructure and spacious warehouse help us to run our business operations efficiently and effectively. We are equipped with state of the art in-house manufacturing unit comprising of ultra modern machineries and equipments to manufacture new and innovative products. Loaded with cutting edge technologies, we regularly upgrade our production center to keep in pace with the dynamic market.

We have a team of high qualified professionals that work round the clock to manufacture products that stand apart in terms of quality.

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