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Natural Indian Stone Floor Tiles

All you need to know about stone flooring

Flooring Tiles

Natural stone flooring tiles is absolutely incredible. It is a dash of change in architectural style and moving away from the common, fake flooring material. Although not popular, natural stone floors have been in existence for more than 3 centuries. Stone flooring is of course the best flooring material given that it is solid and far from being brittle and delicate. This type of flooring installation lasts for a lifetime and saves you the trouble of spending millions on refurbishing. Moreover, natural Indian stones make the most beautiful floors. Their mineral complexities contribute to the undying luster in every single indian construction stone. Take a look at granite, marble, quartzite and sandstone and you will be stunned by their beauty. No chemical or technological modification can achieve that natural splendour. Trust natural stones for your next flooring job.

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Types of Flooring Tiles

Apart from natural stone flooring, there are many other competent flooring options available on the market. Do not be overwhelmed by the choices. Be critical in your judgement and you will select the right floor tiles for any room in your home or office. Flooring is very important given that it covers a wide canvas in a room therefore will have a huge effect on the appearance of the room. Also be mindful of prices; shop for reasonable prices on quality floor tiles with Satyam Exports. Wood Flooring is a popular flooring type that blew up on the market during the 14th century. This flooring type was very common in Europe especially the United Kingdom. Carpeting the home is also an option especially for cold countries because it is warm, soft and very easy to install. Ceramic tiles are also used for flooring. There is the glazed and unglazed type. The glazed type is usually more durable therefore we highly recommend exploring this flooring option.

Simple Floor tiles

Before deciding on of the most exquisite stone tiles for floor installation, ensure that you have sufficiently compared prices, quality (check for authenticity) and ascertain full delivery detail. We at Satyam Exports try to make the process of buying and delivery quite efficient and stress- free for us and our valued customers. Similarly we extend all the help we can offer in the floor installation with these attractive stone tiles. Trust us to provide you with sound advice on floor installation. Natural Indian stones make simple floors that are easily installed and maintained. Of top priority is to acquire the necessary tools for floor tile installation. After all, how can a work man effectively carry out his duties without his tools? To avoid stone tiles cracking under pressure ensure enough adhesive substance is beneath the tile.

Interesting Flooring Ideas

For crying out loud, we are in the 21st Century, new and exciting flooring ideas will ignite the internal fervour in the room and will turn up tar heat in the dullest area of the home. Cutting edge flooring styles and designs are churned out on to the market almost daily; why not take advantage of it? Perfect! Creativity is at your fingertip. Moreover, today’s flooring promotes the green campaign since majority of the material used is organic, all natural. In this way, your flooring ideas not only keep a smile on your face but also keep the environment safe. Apart from the exquisite natural construction stones from India, there are other natural and eco- friendly material that can be used for flooring. The most recent creative flooring idea was the use of Brown paper Bag. Basically scraps off the brown paper are laid down on the floor in a beautiful pattern and then they are covered and held together by a layer of polyurethane.

Floor Decor

All stone floors will offer a different presence, atmosphere or feel. The uniqueness and beauty of stone floors hinges on the ingenuity of the home designer. With clear specifications of the setting and purpose of the type of flooring, any home designer can bring a homeowner’s dream alive. There are a lot of beauty lessons taught by Mother Nature and her children are all stunning. Floor decor styling has become quite a craze in the UK following backsplashes design. Everyone wants a floor design that meets their specification. Bear in mind that for some floor decor styles a few extra dollars will be required to make the finish product close to perfect. However, before you decide on a floor decor style, there are some important things to consider. On the top of the list, a homeowners seeking trendy and contemporary presence in the room should use the polished bull nose edge finish on the stone tiles. The benefit of using natural stones in flooring decor is these construction materials never age; beauty, versatility and durability never dies.

Outdoor Flooring

So now that you have completed floor installation on the interior of the home, time to move on to the exterior. The outside patio, balcony, veranda or even the backyard could do well with equally elegant flooring. Outdoor flooring grew in popularity at the turn of the 20th century. Homeowners realised that outdoor flooring helped to boost the appearance of the home and even makes the entire product even more marketable when the real estate investors get involved. Outdoor flooring with sandstone, limestone, granite, quartzite and marble will suitably carry off any homeowners’ specification. Outdoor patios with natural stones such as slate give the exterior of the home a modest antique look that fosters a welcoming atmosphere. However, if you are a bit over- the- top then go for the marble natural stone flooring. Any natural stone can transform the outside of a home into a striking masterpiece.


The floors in the home are very important aspects of the architecture of the building. They are the most common parts of the home therefore we highly recommend that you think critically on the most ideal flooring material to use. Moreover, this activity prevents you from spending unnecessary cash on refurbishing. If you have a large family with pets do not forget the constant traffic of kids and pets. At Satyam Exports, we are more than willing to assist you in finding the best flooring material to withstand heavy rigors, loads and pressure. Natural stone tiles have been proven to be the most durable flooring material. Feel free to visit our online gallery to explore the varied hues and types of natural stone tiles we have to offer for floors.

Discount Flooring

Forget about the exorbitant shipping costs and freight charges when you shop for floor tiles with Satyam Exports. Discount flooring is a part of our motto to provide our valued customers with the best prices in town. You will be amazed by our deals on natural stone floor tiles. The prices are not affected if you purchase in small portions or bulk, one low price for all our customers. Why would you send millions of dollars on expensive, low quality flooring material when you can get a better quality stone tile for flooring at a reasonable rate? We are talking along the lines of a manufacturer’s price, how about that? It is very appetizing so do indulge!

Natural Stones are fundamental building accessories hence getting the most appropriate building stones for construction of homes, offices and commercial areas is the primary responsibility of all contractors. Indian natural stones are perfect for decorating both the inside and outside of a building with lavish designs.

We stand resolute in our mission of providing quality Marble, Sandstone and Granite to our valued customers since only the best natural building stones will stand the rigours of storms, earthquakes and other natural or manmade dilemmas. It is imperative that the high demands of international clients are met therefore we continue to be the chief Indian stone company in the commercial industry.

South Indian Granite Stone

Granite Floors

Granite is a very luxurious architectural item that makes any pavement stone work look really professional. Stop searching for just ordinary construction tiles; utilize natural Indian stone tiles that will last for a lifetime. It saves money and takes away the burden of re- tiling your floor after a year. Cracks and chips are unheard of in the granite world. Now this is the definition of convenience.

Absolute Black

Black Galaxy

Black Pearl

Ruby Red

Colonial Gold

Lavender Blue

Sapphire Blue

Siva Gold

Ivory Brown

Amba White

Tan Brown

Silver Pearl

Madura Gold

Raw Silk

Red Multi Color

Kashmir Gold

Kashmir White

Vizag Blue

Tropical Green

Paradiso Classic

Paradiso Bash

North Indian Granite Stone

The latest granite stones are robbing the spotlight from marble stones as the chief building material. In most countries especially India, Granite is commonly used for flooring. The lovely dark shade of nearly all types of granite adds a touch of elegance to any room, fixture or architecture design. It is the most sought after natural Indian stone worldwide and we offer the authentic types of this rock. We offer the most competitive prices for these Indian stone types. Granite stone flooring is a worthwhile investment that you cannot afford to miss. We appreciate quality and therefore we stand resolute to our mission of supplying only the best.

Merry Gold

Desert Brown

Royal Cream

yellow Pearl

Chima Blue

Rosy Pink

Janshi Red

Lakha Red

New Imperial Red


Marble Floors

There is an undying freshness to marble floors that keeps our customers intrigues by this exquisite stone product. White marble floor tiles are a slice of heaven. The angelic exterior no way defines its solid interior. This natural stone tiles retrieved from the deep southern parts of Indian captures a sweet aurora suitable complimenting the other fixture in the room. You can trust Satyam Exports to transform your home furnishings in a dash. Bear in mind that it doesn’t take a much to be attractive when it is all natural. It is that simple!.

Black Gold

Crocodile Green

Dark Pink

Dolsey Beige

Himalayan Black

Green Marble

Indian Beige

Indian Levanto

Indian White

Jaiselmer Yellow

NH Green

Onyx Green

Onyx Pink

Rain Forest Browm Web

Rain Forest Green Web


Marble Floors

Sandstone Floor Tiling Sandstone is one of the most revered building tiles material in India. Sandstone tiles have a deep seated traditional aura that heightens the beauty of wooden kitchen cupboards and cabinets. These floor tiles come in various shades, with the most popular hue being the subtle light pink.

Autumn Brown

Agra Red


Natural Brown



Kandla Grey

Mandhana Red

Mint Fossil

Mint Natural





Raj Green

Rippon Natural

Sagar Black

Speckle Brown

Teakwood Sandblast

Yellow Brushed


Copper Polished


Gold Green Polished

Gold Green

Golden Polished


Himachal Black

Himachal Gold

Himachal White

Mica Green Polished

Mica Green

Ocean Black

Ocean Black Antique

Ocean Green Polished

Ostrich Grey

Ocean Green

Ostrich Grey Polished

Silver Shine Polished

Silver Shine


Limestone Floors Tiles

Limestone has been around for many centuries. This formless natural Indian stone was used to crave beautiful stone designs and sculptures from as early as the 1400s. Limestone stands firm as the cornerstone of many castles, chapels and historical monuments. This Indian stone type was most frequent among the Egyptians. Why not beautify the room with the natural limestone floor? Limestone has limitless advantages. Take the assertive stance and get the most out of your floor installation. Moreover, it is guaranteed that you will not pay half as much the price of other inferior floor tiles. After all, you deserve to reap the benefits of a good investment.

Black Brushed

Green Brushed

Ita Gold

Kota Blue

Kota Brown





Tandoor Blue

Tandoor Yellow